Horse Riding Lessons

Equine Estates Lesson Program

WE offer recreational riding and also the learn to ride program and rider levels though EC/NCCP Western Coaching program. We aim to provide professional instruction in riding and also horsemanship.

We strive to help students and riders understand the value of working with safe well trained horses and the value of professional horse care as well as sportsmanship and horse responsibility in proper stable management methods. Check out information available for our horse riding lessons below.

Horse Riding Lesson Fees

Lesson fees  are 65.00 Plus HST (this includes an hour in the saddle and 1/2 for horse handling and care.  Horse riding lessons and handling times can change based on the lesson being taught.  Unmounted lessons are also required by the program.   

The beginner sessions or privates are an hour only sessions.

 Half hour on horse and other half in horse care and riding preparation of horse and tack.  Riders are required to take as least one weekly lesson to be involved with the school.   More horse lessons are encouraged and can be arranged. 

Private and Group Horse Lessons

A new rider is given the opportunity to work private with a coach for a few sessions… Then encouraged to a group.  Group lessons are an hour and half  long  and great fun. We have riders meeting each other and enjoying the same challenges together.   We learn as we watch and take part in group sessions.  Riders are encouraged to have a weekly riding lesson.  

We have certain riding hours and different level horses.  The beginner horses book more  and there are only so many hours available for introductory beginner  lessons.  We want to be able to make a comment to you with your learning and be able to provide the same horse to you so you can develop comfortably.  

So being able to get the same horse is important to both you and school.  So we need a comment from our students for a monthly booking of weekly lessons.

Riding requirements

All riders will wear safety approved helmets on horseback.   All  riders are to have footwear with a heel.  Riding pants or jeans to be worn,  NO Shorts. Riders should dress for the weather.  Hats and gloves and jackets when applicable.   If your a new rider talk to your  coach before purchasing helmets and riding boots to make sure you have the right gear for your sport.

A note to our current and past students

We like to take a spot here to tell all current and past students of EE a big thank you for your interest and time and support you have given us.  Also thanks for the great pictures and memories.  We have enjoy our time with you and helping your  learning curve.  We are looking forward to our learning growth right along with yours.    

Also  all our students past and present a wonderful and happy future in your horse experiences going forward.  If you like what you do here with us; tell others and spread  the news!!  we are always looking for new riders and to make new horse buddies. 


Q:  What are the Cancellation Policies? 

A:  Riders are required to give at least a 48 hour notice of  lesson cancellation if not the lessen fee will be still required.

We need riding fees to cover our horses and farm costs.   If riders can’t make a lesson, with  notice we maybe to able to fill that spot.   We like to be able to offer more lessons to other riders when spots become available some students don;t mind getting an extra lesson every once an while and this helps to support the school.   And help costs for our riders.

Q:  What should I wear for my first lesson?  A:  Wear comfortable pants and boots with a heel, even a rain boot will be OK for your first  couple of rides.  We do have some helmets here for your first rides and we well discuss what you should purchase when you are ready to buy your own.

Q:  How old should kids be to start in your lesson program?  A:  we have started some at six much as to do with attention span and desire to learn about horses.  Also the child has to be able to fit our smallest saddles..

Q:  How long will it take me to learn to ride a horse comfortably on my own?  A:  The rule of thumb  is about 500 hours and you should be a pretty sufficient rider. 

 I hear riders coming in saying they have taken lessons for two years…. Well  was it two years once a week or two years riding every day…  for 50  hours of riding time   for  a year of riding  is not we would consider a sufficient amount of time .  Time  and practicing good methods is want makes good riders…

Q:  When should I consider purchasing my own horse?  A;  When you have gone though a good learn to ride program and learn all the responsibilities that goes along with horse ownership. 

It is important for students to invest in learning themselves first before considering horse ownership.    Buying a horse is just the first step, keeping it, feeding it and understanding the effort of time and care needed is large and not a decision to make lightly.  There are many horses and they can do many things so it is  very important to  learn lots about them first.  So you know how to pick the right one for you.  

Q: How long to horses live?  A; Horses can live up to 40 years..  A Horse can be with you longer then the  children you will  raise.  Remember they become a part of the family and it is hard to have to sell  one  for unforeseen reasons.  Another reason for riding at schools and learning all about them first.. 


Amanda Lyons NCCP Western Coach

Equine Canada certified Western Coach.  Owner and full time operator of Riding School at Equine Estates.  Over 40 years of horse ownership and teaching.  Received  coaching recognition in 1991. Has had adventures in many horse events. Have won some  provincial reining champions in earnings in her competitive years .  She has  also  shown and competed in other horse events, cattle penning, western riding and western dressage and even did a judge trail ride or two.  Have trained some of her own horses and have owned some wonder horses trained by others.

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Madison Lewis

Madison is a very active rider here at EE.  She is working on her level 4’s  and western Instructors.  As a part time student and full time emerg nurse; as her profession she has a full busy schedule.  A joy to have around at barn  she has had some time with our students here. She loves what she does.  The horses are lucky to have her as a great friend and learning rider and she is enjoying the challenges to become  coach candidate. 

She has ridden most horses here at the barn and has does some showing in western dressage.  

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